If you’re at all familiar with David Allen’s phenomenally successful (and wildly helpful) book Gettings Things Done (affectionately known as "GTD" amongst "GTD"rs), then you’re most likely also familiar with 43Folders, a blog run by Merlin Mann "about personal productivity, life hacks, and simple ways to make your life a little better." (And if you’re not familiar with Allen’s book – stop right now, and go buy it. No kidding. I’m counting to three …. yikes, sorry. Forgive me. I am a mom…)

Merlin’s started a series on his blog about getting the email inbox to "zero" – i.e., clearing it out completely. If your inbox is anything like mine, you truly owe it to yourself to go read these articles. It won’t take long and the emails will still be there. Believe me. I checked. I know.

OK, back to those 5 of you who haven’t read GTD. To get a preview, start at Merlin’s introductory post here – "Getting Started with Getting Things Done." The program Allen presents is somewhat daunting at first, but (I can’t stress this enough) it is beautifully simple once implemented. It takes practice, and it takes copious quantities of patience at first, but it can be adjusted and tweaked to fit each user’s lifestyle and existing systems, and that? Is beautiful.