Blawg Taxonomy – Fini!

April 10, 2006

How outstanding. Ian’s completed his taxonomy. I urge you all to take a moment to check it out, and bookmark it for yourselves. This is a fabulous resource, and I thank Ian for including The Airport Lawyer.


Haiku. God bless you. Go here.

…where the posts come tumblin’ down the T2 connection … It doesn’t rhyme, but Jim Calloway makes up for my lack of creativity with a roundup of some of last week’s best, most interesting, and at least in one case, most disturbing blawg posts at his Law Practice Tips Blog. In light of my recent WiFi acquisition, I particularly enjoyed Jeff Beard’s posting of two articles he wrote for another publication, the full text of which he posted on his blog, one on "Avoiding Mobile Computing Burnout" and another on "Enhancing Mobile Security." Note the latter link is missing the ‘l’ in ‘html’ tag on Jim’s site and so is inoperative; you can use the one here.

Arguably the hardest working men in the blog business (well, at least the way BR and Ed. set ’em up in the intro post last week), Matt Buchanan, Steve Nipper, and Doug Sorocco have done some reinventing (what else did you expect from a bunch of IP supahfreaks, right?) and this week’s Blawg Review has exactly three links.

Yep. That’s right. Three. One for each of them. Either one of two things will happen:

  1. They’ll be lauded as geniuses and a brand new blog-genre will be born. Our descendants will sing their praises ’round the campfires at night. – OR –
  2. They’ll never work in these blogs again.

I’m thinking "1", personally, and additionally am grateful for the break today. I am, however, simply stunned that no one else was reading every single blessed post linked in past Blawg Reviews.

A Blawg Taxonomy

March 10, 2006

Ian Best, a 3L at Moritz College of Law in Ohio, exhibited some fantastic independent thinking in coming up with the topic for his independent study – he’s creating a taxonomy of blogs. The initial list was published earlier this week, and has been updated from comments left on his blog at Ian says he’ll be culling through that list for inactive blogs (whew! just made it, eh?) and will not include most law student blogs (except group blogs by law students for credit) or non-U.S. blogs.

From Ian’s "About’ page, the intent and purposes behind 3L Epiphany:

First, 3L Epiphany will be a typical, personal blog where I can learn the practical aspects of blogging. I sincerely believe that the skills which I learn from this endeavor will be marketable ones, since blogging is becoming more prevalent and ubiquitous in the legal community.

Second, I plan to utilize 3L Epiphany as a resource to demonstrate the many potential uses of a law student blog. In particular, I believe that blogging will eventually provide an entirely new model for displaying legal and professional skills to potential employers, and I expect to make 3L Epiphany an example of how this can be done.

Third, I plan to study "blawgs" directly, especially those of legal practitioners. I will tour the legal blogosphere in order to discern the benefits and consequences of blogging. And I will interact directly with lawyers who blog to ascertain their personal observations and conclusions.

By the end of the semester, I expect that 3L Epiphany will have become a useful resource for "blawgers" of every kind. And I especially hope that present and future law students will consider 3L Epiphany as a precedent-setting manifestation of a student blog’s inherent possibilities.

TAL wishes Ian happy hunting, and on behalf of the blawgosphere, our sincere gratitude for this timely service! His blog’s been added to the list on this page, too.

UPDATE: Ed. Found!

March 6, 2006

This just arrived in my inbox:

There was a problem with some of Google’s servers for blogspot this
morning. It’s explained here:

"Some users are currently getting "403 Forbidden" errors when viewing
their blogs, and "Permission Denied" errors (or variations thereof)
when publishing. We’re restarting some machines right now and things
should be working again very soon."

Anyway, in the interim I was able to redirect the DNS for to the current host’s Blawg Review #47

Now everything is back to normal.

Thanks for checking in this Morning and linking to Blawg Review #47.

I wish there were a good Area 51 story to blog about, though.

Now, normally, I’m not one to play into conspiracy theories, or what-have-you, but … something about this "Ed." email just doesn’t sit quite right with me. It appeared in my inbox mere seconds after the earlier posting. Clearly, they’re watching me this very moment. Then there’s the strange capitalization of "Morning" in the penultimate line. Totally un-Ed.-like. And that Area 51 comment? Oh come ON. This is CLEARLY codespeak for "We can make you disappear in the time it takes you to put the cursor on the SAVE button."

Hold me. I’m scared. (There is one other option, which is that the overdose of self-importance at the Oscars last night burned through my TV screen and triggered a delayed allergic reaction of hypersilliness. But – naaaa.)

Oookay, I come here all ready to link up to the fresh Blawg Review and I find I’m "Forbidden" from viewing that page? Huh. Ed.?  You get kidnapped by aliens, or something?

Well, no matter. The Blawg Review #47 is indeed up and chock full of bloggery goodness, at Unused and Probably Unusable.