Wease. Twooooo Wease.

March 9, 2006

So, I’ve been promising an entry on the United Airlines v HSBC case ever since we got back from the AAAE conference last October, I realize. And – truthfully, I’ve tried a few times to start this, but I pick up the case’s opinions and something happens to me – the words start to dance and sway, and suddenly, it seems like an opportune time to clean the dust out of the little nooks and crannies between the keys on my keyboard. Or something.

Face it – I am bankruptcy-case-phobic. Something about that code – that code! those rules! – scares me a little. Then it occurred to me: others may feel the same way, and thus, it could be of great service to my fellow AAs to summarize the issues and explain why the case is important.

So, here it is. The United "true lease" case – right after the jump.

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Judge Allen Gropper, NY Bankruptcy Court judge overseeing the Northwest case, says he should rule by Friday on pending issues related to labor contracts, specifically the airline’s pilots’ union. Northwest told Judge Gropper last month that it had reached deals with some workers, but not the pilots or flight attendants, and asked for permission to reject those contracts. The pilots object to Northwest’s plan to move much of its business away from higher-paying big jets to less-remunerative (is that a word?) RJs; the airline says that’s a major cost-cutting factor in its plan to emerge from Chapter 11. Both the pilots and the flight attendants began voting on a strike yesterday.