Alternative Fuels for Jet Travel in Our Future?

June 21, 2006

Environmental activists have long focused criticism on the amount of fuel consumed by cross-country and international jet travel, but government and academic researchers announce that they are researching alternative fuels for jets. A usable product is years away, but the length of time such an endeavor takes is only one of the many challenges facing development of these alternative fuels:

  • Such fuels are even more expensive than Jet A right now.
  • The fuels are difficult to transport and manage in harsh weather conditions, making snow-prone northern climes more costly for such fuel usage.
  • Some of the alterna-fuels, such as biodiesel, freeze at lower temperatures – making high altitudes "interesting" (tm Peter Kirsch)

Regardless, the inquiry is a positive development. TAL hopes the project proceeds apace and leads to a usable product soon.


2 Responses to “Alternative Fuels for Jet Travel in Our Future?”

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  2. Alternative Fuels for Jet Travel would be a great solution even for today’s jets because they have an outrageous consumption.

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