Hiatus Over – Back to Work (Well…. Sort of)

June 17, 2006

A brief word of explanation as to what’s been behind the radio silence on this end lately. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the Family Medical Leave Act to take care of my mother, recently discharged from the hospital and subsequent rehabilitation institutions following her injury a few months back. That leave will run through at least July 4th, perhaps longer if the need dictates. Right now, I ancitipate being back in the office on the 5th, however – Mom’s doing fabulously well with her physical therapy and recuperation.

TAL is scheduled to host Blawg Review week after next! I’m still struggling to come up with a suitable theme. I had some ideas which seemed clever initially but now seem trite and predictable. We’ll see. Nothing like last minute pressure (and Ed.’s frowning virtual countenance) to stoke the creative fires.

In the meantime, I’m off to scour the Internet for interesting post fodder on George. Who is George, you may ask? Meet George.  He’s my new tablet PC (as in "I will love him and hold him and name him …"). I purchased George this week, and he arrived yesterday courtesy the nice man in the brown uniform. That’s what Brown did for me last week.

So far, my impressions are completely favorable of the Gateway CX2620. The digitizer and stylus are far more responsive than I’d feared, and the notebook itself is simply packed with useful software. OneNote came with the package, and I installed it immediately. There is a lot of overlap there with the new Microsoft Journal program, and I’m not sure what the ultimate breakdown in tasking will be there. Right now, I’m more impressed with OneNote for meeting note captures (especially in light of the audio recording feature) and book outlining/notetaking, and Journal for everyday writing. I used it for my morning pages this morning and it was pretty cool – just like writing by hand in a notebook.

My main purpose in buying a tablet as opposed to a laptop was to be able to write notes and capture them immediately for later searchability. Can’t really do that with a regular laptop or with paper and pen. After a full 24 hours of playing around with George, I do know one thing, however: tablets are no longer "faddish" tools that will pass like a trend, if they ever were. This tablet is a bona fide next-generation development that offers true strengths and functionality you just can’t get with a regular laptop.


2 Responses to “Hiatus Over – Back to Work (Well…. Sort of)”

  1. The Airport Lawyer Has A New Tablet PC

  2. The Airport Lawyer Has A New Tablet PC

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