Monday Morning Roundup

May 15, 2006

Things are hectic and crazy here at TAL, as always. Thanks for your continued patience while I try to forge a more consistent posting schedule – something between "every few hours" and "once a month" is my goal.

Airports and stakeholders in the news lately (links subject to disappearing/archival after 7 days):

  • San Diegans are involved in what one article calls potentially "the biggest landlord/tenant dispute in their history" over the need for airport development. The crux of the issue: the current digs are conveniently located, but woefully small. Of three military sites which serve as the main options available for relocation, one – the Marine field at Miramar – is the frontrunner. But both the Marines and the Navy nix a joint use approach. How will it all end – with the airport tied on the tracks a la imperiled Pauline? Stay tuned for a real-life demo of NIMBY in action. (LA Times)
  • Planning to pick up a Prada bag on your next jaunt to Shanghai? Good luck with that. Prada SA has opted to close its authorization for the store in the Pudong International Airport, after counterfeit goods were found. Wonder what the percentage rent on a Prada store would run …(ChinaDaily)
  • An eminent domain battle is brewing over a privately-owned field in New Jersey. Solberg is owned by the Solberg family, which opposes a referendum scheduled tomorrow on whether Readington Township authorities will be permitted to undertake a $22 million bond issue, with an eye towards purchasing development rights and open space around the airport. (
  • Panama City/Bay County Airport Authority officials report that they’ve received the FEIS (Final Environmental Impact Statement) from the FAA for the proposed relocation of the airport. The final ROD should be issued in September. (ANN)
  • More on Wright: Southwest mentions the "T" word (takings) and says any closure of Love would come with a price tag exceeding "the stock options of all American Airline’s executives combined." (

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