Palm For Sale – Cheap

March 15, 2006

Readers may remember my post earlier on the new T|X and my acquisition thereof in the eBay auction. After some consideration, my spouse, my kid, and I collaborated on a true "Schelin Family Production" and we now proudly present: "Broken Palm: An Auction Story."

The catalyst for this tale was my discovery, during my search for information about the T|X last week, that nonfunctional Palms and other brand PDAs are being sold on eBay for good money – for parts, for fixing-up and use or resale, or whatever.  I took a look at one of those auctions and told my husband about it. "Why don’t you sell yours, then?" he said.

"Well, Kayleigh put those stickers on the case… I’d have to clean those off…" I mused.

At the same time, which we often do (kind of freaky but we take it as a sign of validation from the universe of the rightness of our marriage), we said, "No we don’t!" – we both conceived of this approach simultaneously.

We pitched the idea to Kayleigh last night, who was only too happy to participate. She was a little indignant that the pictures I took didn’t show her pretty face, but Mom’s safety-consciousness and Internet-wariness won out.

I highly doubt this will achieve "Virgin Mary on Grilled Cheese" status, but it was fun, and as Chris commented, "Maybe you’ll make someone laugh and that’s always good karma."


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