A Blawg Taxonomy

March 10, 2006

Ian Best, a 3L at Moritz College of Law in Ohio, exhibited some fantastic independent thinking in coming up with the topic for his independent study – he’s creating a taxonomy of blogs. The initial list was published earlier this week, and has been updated from comments left on his blog at http://3lepiphany.typepad.com/3l_epiphany/. Ian says he’ll be culling through that list for inactive blogs (whew! just made it, eh?) and will not include most law student blogs (except group blogs by law students for credit) or non-U.S. blogs.

From Ian’s "About’ page, the intent and purposes behind 3L Epiphany:

First, 3L Epiphany will be a typical, personal blog where I can learn the practical aspects of blogging. I sincerely believe that the skills which I learn from this endeavor will be marketable ones, since blogging is becoming more prevalent and ubiquitous in the legal community.

Second, I plan to utilize 3L Epiphany as a resource to demonstrate the many potential uses of a law student blog. In particular, I believe that blogging will eventually provide an entirely new model for displaying legal and professional skills to potential employers, and I expect to make 3L Epiphany an example of how this can be done.

Third, I plan to study "blawgs" directly, especially those of legal practitioners. I will tour the legal blogosphere in order to discern the benefits and consequences of blogging. And I will interact directly with lawyers who blog to ascertain their personal observations and conclusions.

By the end of the semester, I expect that 3L Epiphany will have become a useful resource for "blawgers" of every kind. And I especially hope that present and future law students will consider 3L Epiphany as a precedent-setting manifestation of a student blog’s inherent possibilities.

TAL wishes Ian happy hunting, and on behalf of the blawgosphere, our sincere gratitude for this timely service! His blog’s been added to the list on this page, too.


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