UPDATE: Ed. Found!

March 6, 2006

This just arrived in my inbox:

There was a problem with some of Google’s servers for blogspot this
morning. It’s explained here:

"Some users are currently getting "403 Forbidden" errors when viewing
their blogs, and "Permission Denied" errors (or variations thereof)
when publishing. We’re restarting some machines right now and things
should be working again very soon."

Anyway, in the interim I was able to redirect the DNS for
http://www.blawgreview.com to the current host’s Blawg Review #47

Now everything is back to normal.

Thanks for checking in this Morning and linking to Blawg Review #47.

I wish there were a good Area 51 story to blog about, though.

Now, normally, I’m not one to play into conspiracy theories, or what-have-you, but … something about this "Ed." email just doesn’t sit quite right with me. It appeared in my inbox mere seconds after the earlier posting. Clearly, they’re watching me this very moment. Then there’s the strange capitalization of "Morning" in the penultimate line. Totally un-Ed.-like. And that Area 51 comment? Oh come ON. This is CLEARLY codespeak for "We can make you disappear in the time it takes you to put the cursor on the SAVE button."

Hold me. I’m scared. (There is one other option, which is that the overdose of self-importance at the Oscars last night burned through my TV screen and triggered a delayed allergic reaction of hypersilliness. But – naaaa.)


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