Blawg Review? Wherefore Art Thou?

March 6, 2006

Oookay, I come here all ready to link up to the fresh Blawg Review and I find I’m "Forbidden" from viewing that page? Huh. Ed.?  You get kidnapped by aliens, or something?

Well, no matter. The Blawg Review #47 is indeed up and chock full of bloggery goodness, at Unused and Probably Unusable.


2 Responses to “Blawg Review? Wherefore Art Thou?”

  1. Eh Nonymous Says:

    Still not working? Reloading didn’t work? Kicking it?

    I usually just try, which seems to work.

  2. Sheryl Says:

    Just posted a response I got from “Ed.” – or someone claiming to be him. Alien abduction is looking more and more likely, frankly. I’m telling you, people: the truth IS out there…

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